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Enjoy the very best of Korea. Beautiful architecture, romantic, friendly and cheap.Place you must see and experience at least once in your lifetime.                 

Group event in Jeju Island. Plan your local event, company & family tour in Jeju Island.

Plan your show in Korea. Enjoy your local band show in Korea with your people.

For the Muslims! We'v got program for the Muslims

Stunning Korea Tour

* Customized itinerary for you and your group

* Fascinate & unique tour program.
* Reasonable price.
* Flexible tour schedule based on your situation and condition.
* Ideal tour program for the Muslims.
* Small surprise every tour day.

* Free wifi during the entire itinerary. 

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We are Korean tour agency specialized in event tour.

Planning your own holiday, local event, comapny tour with us. 

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Cherry blossom party in Korea



            We will visit every Cherry blossom photo spot in Korea.

            Get your seat before it booked out! 


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